Suzdal - Fotoğraf: Ozan Aygordu

Software Picasa
Software used
DateTime 2015:05:03 21:59:31
File change date and time
Artist Picasa
Person who created the image
ExifTag 96
Exif IFD Pointer
Exif Version
DateTimeOriginal 2015:05:03 21:58:41
Date and time original image was generated
PixelXDimension 5120
Valid image width
PixelYDimension 3620
Valid image height
InteroperabilityTag 228
Interoperability IFD Pointer
ImageUniqueID 296bf892507059e34be5eeff46076078
Unique image ID
Compression 6
Compression scheme
XResolution 72
Image resolution in width direction
YResolution 72
Image resolution in height direction
ResolutionUnit 2
Unit of X and Y resolution
JPEGInterchangeFormat 364
Offset to JPEG SOI
JPEGInterchangeFormatLength 6066
Bytes of JPEG data
IptcDateCreated 20150503
IptcTimeCreated 215841+0300
IptcByline Picasa