Emek - Fotoğraf: Senol Yılmaz

XResolution 72
Image resolution in width direction
YResolution 72
Image resolution in height direction
ResolutionUnit 2
Unit of X and Y resolution
Software Adobe Photoshop Express 9.8 (Android)
Software used
DateTime 2017:03:12 21:40:50
File change date and time
ExifTag 160
Exif IFD Pointer
Exif Version
DateTimeOriginal 2017:03:10 22:03:11
Date and time original image was generated
DateTimeDigitized 2017:03:10 22:03:11
Date and time image was made digital data
User comments
SubSecTimeOriginal 000
DateTimeOriginal subseconds
SubSecTimeDigitized 000
DateTimeDigitized subseconds
ColorSpace 1
Color space information
IptcDateCreated 20170310
IptcTimeCreated 220311
IptcDigitalCreationDate 20170310
IptcDigitalCreationTime 220311