Sonbahar da göl


Sonbahar da göl - Fotoğraf: Murat Alptekin

Orientation 0
Orientation of image
XResolution 72
Image resolution in width direction
YResolution 72
Image resolution in height direction
ResolutionUnit 2
Unit of X and Y resolution
Software PicsArt Photo Studio
Software used
File change date and time
Artist 183491210002102
Person who created the image
YCbCrPositioning 1
Y and C positioning
ExifTag 176
Exif IFD Pointer
Exif Version
Meaning of each component
MeteringMode 65535
Metering mode
LightSource 0
Light source
UserComment ASCII
User comments
Supported Flashpix version
ColorSpace 65535
Color space information
PixelXDimension 0
Valid image width
JPEGInterchangeFormat 656
Offset to JPEG SOI
JPEGInterchangeFormatLength 0
Bytes of JPEG data