Güz - Fotoğraf: Mustafa Akbas

Marka Apple
Manufacturer of image input equipment
Model iPhone 12
Model of image input equipment
Orientation 1
Orientation of image
XResolution 72
Image resolution in width direction
YResolution 72
Image resolution in height direction
ResolutionUnit 2
Unit of X and Y resolution
Software Instagram
Software used
DateTime 2023:11:02 17:24:16
File change date and time
HostComputer iPhone 12
The computer and/or operating system in use
ExifTag 206
Exif IFD Pointer
ExposureTime 1,724138E-02
Exposure time
FNumber 1,6
F number
ISOSpeedRatings 800
ISO speed ratings
DateTimeOriginal 2023:11:02 17:24:16
Date and time original image was generated
DateTimeDigitized 2023:11:02 17:24:16
Date and time image was made digital data
Tag#36880 +03:00
Tag#36881 +03:00
Tag#36882 +03:00
ShutterSpeedValue 5,869101
Shutter speed
ApertureValue 1,356144
BrightnessValue -0,2911674
ExposureBiasValue 0
Exposure bias
MeteringMode 5
Metering mode
Flash 0
FocalLength 4,2
Lens focal length
Manufacturer notes
User comments
SubSecTimeOriginal 907
DateTimeOriginal subseconds
SubSecTimeDigitized 907
DateTimeDigitized subseconds
ColorSpace 1
Color space information
PixelXDimension 1170
Valid image width
PixelYDimension 2080
Valid image height
SensingMethod 2
Sensing method
Scene type
WhiteBalance 0
White balance
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm 88
Focal length in 35 mm film
Tag#42034 1,55
Tag#42035 Apple
Tag#42036 iPhone 12 back dual wide camera 4.2mm f/1.6
IptcDigitalCreationTime 172416
IptcDigitalCreationDate 20231102
IptcDateCreated 20231102
IptcTimeCreated 172416
IptcImageURL http://galeri.netfotograf.com